Trust, Probate & Conservatorship Services

We offer specialized services in addition to our selling your Trust and Probate properties. From experience we will maximize & streamline the sale of your property.

Our services include:

1. Deferred Maintenance on Real Property – Many Probate and Trust properties most likely suffer from deferred maintenance. Our services include painting, carpeting, kitchen and bathrooms refurbishing to bring the property into saleable condition achieving maximum selling price.

2. Personal Property – We photograph and list all of personal property including all automobiles and provide the selling or donation arrangements. We take care of the entire process from the removal of cars, selling household furniture to garden and pool services.

3. Price Opinion – We provide a detailed Broker Price Opinion, and include a detailed summary, photos of the subject property, maps and Comparable Market Analysis.

4. Secure property – We lock the property with combination lockboxes and re-key the doors & secure the premises. We keep the utilities on per Sellers instructions.

5. Contractors – When necessary, we undertake an initial detailed repair lists and receive bids from licensed contractors on all suggested works and present the list to seller(s).

6. Supervision & Inspection – We oversee and inspect that all works are completed.

7. Marketing the property – We market the property using local MLS, Social Media outlets,,, personalized for sale sign and hold open house for public and broker community and reach out to our prospective pool of buyers.

8. Update the seller(s) – We prepare marketing, sale and listing updates and property condition reports on a weekly basis.

9. Negotiate and Escrow process – We negotiate all offers with the seller’s involvement and follow through with escrow, title and provide sellers with the complete closing package at the end of escrow.