Jeffrey Deadwyler and Amy B.

“My wife and I had been looking for a place to call our own for two years. We went through several Realtors, but we were never happy. It was always “The place will not be on the market long, what you can offer them today.”

Then, my wife found Vida Ash, she was who we had been looking for, as was the house she finally helped us buy. We looked at house after house, but they were never “The one.”

After couple months of disappointments on our part, and unfailing optimism on Vida’s part, we found our home. After looking at two or three houses, I was getting low. Vida was always cheery, said,” When you walk into the right house, you will know it.”

Well, the next house we looked at, I knew it. It’s now my first house and I could not be happier. Vida is not just our Realtor, but a true friend. As a house warming gift, she brought us first piece of art.
Vida Ash is the Realtor you want.”