Jake O.

I met Vida on a Sunday when I started house hunting in March of 2007. At the time I thought, I didn’t need an agent, and that I could do the best house hunting on my own. Vida was showing a townhouse in West LA – a couple hundred thousand dollars over my limit, but I stayed there about an hour asking questions, as I was very impressed with her knowledge of the market and the questions she was asking me to find out what I wanted. By the end of the conversation, I asked her if she would be my agent and after making sure I already did not have another agent, she accepted.

I closed escrow on July 16, 2009.

In the two years that passed, Vida displayed the perfect combination of the following qualities which I do not believe that I could find in any other agent in the market place:

– An insatiable passion for the real estate market – Vida loves following real estate news, trends, seeing houses, and expanding her expertise of the market.

– Never ending patience. My understanding of the market, realization of what I could get for the amount of money I had, the neighborhood which I wanted to live in changed during the process. Vida helped me patiently through the process. And yes, some people already have these questions answered when they start the process, but I hadn’t. And she patiently helped me through the process, never giving up, always putting my future happiness with my future home as the highest priority.

– A perfect balance of energy and calm. Vida has a lot of energy. She is never tired of driving, showing houses – weekends, evenings – whatever fits her client’s schedule, but at the same time, when I got too emotional – she brought a lot of poise and calm to the process, helping me not to make rush decisions which I could regret later.

– And when we finally found the perfect place – I knew it, and she knew it – and she acted as fast as we humanly could to ensure that I don’t miss it.

And then started the escrow process.

An emotional roller-coaster which lasted 45 days. A process which you would expect to work well because the loan processors, the real estate agents, the escrow office, the bank, goes through every day right? Wrong!…maybe I was just unlucky, but almost everything that could go wrong, did.

At one point even the address of my house was different on the title report and the loan documents. The appraisal wasn’t approved by the bank for weeks; sellers started demanding release of funds. I was living in a constant state of escalated emotions, with one safety net and calming factor: Vida! no need to tell more. I successfully closed – and now am enjoying my new house. The process is over, but Vida is still supporting me – helping me find dependable contractors, helping me find a lockbox so that the plumber and the handyman could come in to work when I’m not there.

My real estate adventure with Vida hasn’t ended – it just started. I’m hoping she will accept to be my realtor for a long long time.

Thank you for letting me shares my thoughts.

Jake O

September 2009