Why Choose Vida Ash Real Estate:

1. Vida Ash is experienced  and proficient Real Estate Broker bringing the highest level of expertise to your transaction. Vida overlooks and performs each and every detail of the listing, the marketing and is getting your home sold at the highest obtainable price.

2. Vida is your Real Estate resource center and helps you with everything around the sale.

3. You can reach her by phone, text or email and has a fabulous website at:  www.VidaAsh.com

4. Vida is assertive and strives for best results. She works to net you the highest possible price, – or the lowest price if you are the buyer.

5. She owns the company Vida Ash Real Estate and is actively involved in every day market developments and well informed of the market statistics, attends seminars and just keeps getting better!

6. She has a renown reputation. When Vida Ash’s sign is in the yard, people trust that the home is priced right and is a fabulous listing and you get the best.

7. She knows what works and will be honest with you about what is best for you.

8. Vida believes education is the key. She continually educates herself!

9. She Loves What She Does and Does What She Loves! What a gift!

10. When you succeed, she succeeds! and is there to exceed your expectations!

11. She wants every client to be a customer for life!

12. She works hard to make your listings show the best.

13. YOU are the business; her business depends on your referrals.

14. She is dedicated and highly committed to effectively serve her clients!