Checklist for Hiring a Real Estate agent

•Does the agent’s “Performance vs. The Market” record substantiate their claims of superior service?

•Does the agent’s “Sold” portfolio substantiate their claims about their ability to sell your home?

•Have you read the testimonials from previous clients? Do the testimonials give you comfort that any problems that arise will be solved quickly and efficiently?

•Can the agent give your home the marketing exposure required to sell the property? Have you examined the Agent’s marketing plan?

•Will your home be photographed by a professional photographer using the latest digital equipment? This is essential to producing photographs that will effectively represent your home.

•Have you reviewed the photographs of other homes listed by the agent to determine the quality of the photographs delivered? Does the agent have their own sophisticated website to display the photos, the image of which is consistent with the image of your home?

•Will the agent call you weekly to keep you informed of their progress and strategize on the next steps in marketing your home?

•Can the agent keep you informed about the market by providing you with monthly Real Time Market Statistic Updates for your neighborhood via email reports?

•Does the broker have a team of professionals to back them up and provide Ritz Carlton service with Fed Ex efficiency


If you hire an agent that can say “yes” to all of the questions above, we believe you will be happier with the results.

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