Ali R. E.

November 21, 2005

Dear Vida

I am so glad that about two months ago I walked into an open house that you were hosting on Ocean Blvd, Santa Monica. Thank goodness, I met you and got your business card, since then you have located a new condo for me in Westside.

As you know that NOW I own a “beautiful condo” on Bentley Ave in Westwood. I really wanted to express my sincere appreciation for your professional assistance and positive attitude to guide me in purchasing this condo unit very quickly. With your help, we were able to close the escrow less than 30 days. I like this top floor, high ceiling with terrace and balconies. I must also thank you for your patience and firmness to handle my stubbornness from time to time.

I hope that we will have the opportunity to work again soon. Please feel free to give my name and number to anyone who is seeking a trustworthy, reliable, experienced, and BEST Realtor in Greater Los Angeles area.

Wishing you the best,